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Scholarly Completion Fund

This fund is intended to support tenured and tenure-track faculty and Ph.D. students in the Humanities in completing the final stages of a research project with either travel to research or a publication subvention or computer or software purchase required to bring a scholarly project to completion. The maximum award one individual can receive is $2500 (there is no minimum) and all funding requests will have to be justified and vetted by the Dresher Center Advisory Board.

Examples of potential qualifying events include:

  • The applicant has completed a manuscript, but based on publisher reviewers’ reports, needs to collect more data or conduct an interview that involves unplanned research travel.
  • The publisher requires that the applicant provide a subsidy for the publication or pay for rights to photographs.
  • The applicant finds he or she must use a software program in order to finish a manuscript.

The expense must be for something concrete and on which completing the final stage of a project (usually for publication) is dependent.

Faculty wishing to apply should prepare a letter of need explaining the purpose for the funds, the precise amount, and why this Scholarly Completion Fund is needed to bring a project to completion and how it would make a difference in the scholarly goals of the applicant. Reference should also be made as to why no other departmental (DRIF) or College support is available/or sufficient for this need. Until the Chair’s letter is received, the application cannot be considered by the Dresher Center Advisory Board. Once the application is complete, all efforts will be made to decide on the application within two weeks.

If you are interested in applying for the Scholarly Project Completion Fund, submit an email to Jessica Berman, Director of the Dresher Center. Include the subject line, “Scholarly Completion Fund.”