Previous Residential Faculty Research Fellows

Fall 2021

Tamara Bhalla, American Studies
Project: Race, Readers, and Representation in Contemporary U.S. Multiethnic Literatures

Thania Muñoz D., Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication
Project: A Canon without Immigrants: Latin American Writers in the United States and the Twenty-First Century

Spring 2022

María Célleri, Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies
Project: Uncovering the Virgen del Panecillo: Quito’s Postcolonial Urban Transformation and Decolonial Future Imaginaries

Fall 2020

Mark Durant, Visual Arts
Project: Maya Deren, Choreographed for Camera

Fan Yang, Media and Communication Studies
Project: Disorienting Politics: Rising China and Chimerica Media

Fall 2019

Erin Hogan, Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication
Project: Patrimonial Persons: Poor Devils, Their Eves, and Hegemonic Masculinities in Franco’s Spain (1939-75)

Derek Musgrove, History
Project: Hope and Despair in late 1970s Black Politics

Spring 2020

Tania Lizarazo, Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication
Project: Postconflict Utopias: Performing Everyday Survival in Colombia

Fall 2018

Rebecca Boehling, History
Project: Post-WWII Denazification as Transitional Justice

Spring 2019

Dawn Biehler, Geography and Environmental Systems
Project: A Place for Creatures: A History of People and Other Animals in New York’s Central Park

Michelle Scott, History
Project: Living on Toby Time: The Theater Owners’ Booking Association and Black Vaudeville’s Rise and Fall

Irene Chan, Visual Arts
Project: Railroad Track of Violence: Stories about the Chinese in 19th Century America

Amy Froide, History
Project: Eighteenth-Century England’s Charitable Corporation: A Cautionary Tale of Microlending, Financial Fraud and Government Bailouts

Calla Thompson, Visual Arts
Project: The Velvet Fist: Lesbian and Gay Liberation in 1981 Toronto

Constantine Vaporis, History
Project: Sword and Brush: Portraits of Samurai Life in Early Modern Japan, 1600-1868

Denise D. Meringolo, History
Project: Radical Roots: Civic Engagement, Public History, and a Tradition of Social Justice Activism

Craig Saper, Language, Literacy & Culture
Project: A Documentary Script Adaptation of Amazing Adventures of Robert Carlton Brown

Marjoleine Kars, History
Project: Freedom Marooned: The 1763 Slave Rebellion in Dutch Guyana

Margaret Re, Visual Arts
Project: Design, Desire and Consumption: Contemporary American Textiles, Contemporary American Wallpaper, and Containers and Packaging

Kimberly R. Moffitt, American Studies
Project: Acting While Black (and Male) in Disney’s Land

Carole McCann, Gender and Women’s Studies
Project: Malthus, Mathematics, and Modern Masculinity: Demographic Discipline and Mid-Twentieth Century Population Politics

Kate Brown, History
Project: Being There: Place, Space, and the Historical Method

Preminda Jacob, Visual Arts
Project: The Painted Walls of Chennai: Street Semiotics in an Indian City