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Announcing new Critical Disability Studies minor

Housed in the Department of English

Debuting in the Fall 2024 semester, the Department of English is now home to a new Critical Disability Studies minor.

Students in this interdisciplinary minor will encounter both the lived experiences of disability, past and present, and a critical analysis of intersecting systems of ableism, heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, colonialism, and capitalist violence.

To earn a minor in Critical Disability Studies, students will complete 15 credits of coursework: one introductory course (3 credits), two core courses (6 credits), and two elective courses (6 credits).

Fall 2024 Course Offerings:

  • AGNG 200 - Aging People, Policy and Management (multiple sections)
  • ENGL 320 - Disability and Technology: Writing, Design, and Resistance (Dr. Drew Holladay)
  • ENGL 461/669 - (Dis)ability in Asian American Literacture (Dr. Sharon Tran)
  • GLBL 410 - I'm a Cyborg But That's OK: Technology, Culture, and Disablity (Dr. Tania Lizarazo)
  • PBHL/PHIL 375 - Philosophy of Medicine (Dr. Jessica Pfeifer)
  • PSYC 305 - Children with Exceptionalities (Dr. Laura Rose)
  • SOCY 351 - Sociology of Health, Illness, and Medicine (Dr. Karon Philips)
*Recommended for Fall:

 FYS 106: First-Year Seminar Introduction to Disability Studies (01-LEC (6751)
This three-credit course is designed to introduce the foundations of Disability Studies and meets Culture (GEP), Social Sciences (GEP), Culture (GFR), and Social Sciences (GFR) requirements. Meets in person. 

**Recommended for Summer II, Winter or Spring: 

American Sign Language (ASL) will fulfill UMBC’s GEP language requirement. 

Courses offered:

  • ASL 101
  • ASL 102
  • ASL 201
For more information, email Dr. Tania Lizarazo, lizarazo@umbc.edu

Posted: May 2, 2024, 3:44 PM