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Baltimore Field School Culminating Event (Free)

"Scholarly Reportage and the End of Extraction"

Scholarly Reportage and the End of Extraction 
Connecting People and Public information 

Red Emma's 
6:30-8pm on Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Free tickets on Eventbrite

How might scholars work with journalists and organizers to better serve the public and share access to public information without being extractive?


Join a discussion on how independent media outlets can reimagine journalism and get information directly to the public, without being extractive. This conversation will explore how scholars might work with journalists to better serve the public and share access to public information. 

Sarah Alvarez is the founder and editor ofOutlier Media, a Detroit-based service journalism organization that identifies, reports, and delivers valuable information to empower residents to hold landlords, municipal government, and elected officials accountable for long standing problems. 


J. Brian Charles is a Baltimore-based reporter for The Trace, a team of journalists exclusively dedicated to reporting on our country’s gun violence crisis. He covers inequality and criminal justice. He previously worked for Governing and The Hill.

Andrew Herrera is the director of network growth at City Bureau, a Chicago-based journalism lab reimagining local media by equipping people with skills and resources. He comes to this work from a career in consumer public relations and a decade as a political organizer on Chicago’s lower-west side. 


Lisa Snowden is an independent journalist in Baltimore and founding editor of the Baltimore Beat. Seen in Baltimore City Paper, Baltimore Sun, Columbia Journalism Review, Essence magazine, Washington Post, and a force on Baltimore Twitter.

This free talk is sponsored by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the Baltimore Field School and the Public Humanities Program at UMBC. 

Nicole King (UMBC) and Imani Spence (UMD-College Park) will moderate. The discussion is connected to the April 2021 talk by Lewis Wallace A View from Somewhere: Moving Towards Anti-Extractive Fieldwork Approaches.


Posted: November 22, 2021, 12:16 PM