Course Transformation Support Grants

Humanities Teaching Labs (HTLabs) offer flexible, movable resources for course transformation, syllabus redesign, or the development of course projects. During the Inclusion Imperative, HTLab Course Transformation funding supported faculty and student training, digital and other tools, classroom technical support, speakers or consultants, stipends for community participants, and other resources for community-engaged humanities teaching and learning that address issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

Keisha Allen, Assistant Professor, Education: “Teaching and Learning in and with Baltimore Communities”

Melissa Blair, Senior Lecturer, History: “Historic Preservation in the United States”

Keegan Cook Finberg, Assistant Professor, English: “Baltimore Poetry and Politics”

Brian Kauffman, Associate Professor, Music: “Wind and Ensemble: OrchKids”

Elaine MacDougall, Lecturer, English: “Telling our (Counter) Stories: A Collaboration between Baltimore City College and UMBC Writing Students”

Tamara Bhalla, Associate Professor, American Studies: “A Pilot Exploration of Asian American Studies and Public Humanities at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History”

Tania Lizarazo, Assistant Professor, Modern Language, Linguistics and Intercultural Communication: “Global Stories”

Earl Brooks, Assistant Professor, English: “Sounds Like Social Justice”

Jennifer Maher, Associate Professor, English: “Baltimore: Race, Rhetoric & Technology”

Nicole King, Associate Professor, American Studies: “Introduction to Public Humanities: Listening to Stories of the City”