Dresher Center Statement on Anti-Black Racism

The Dresher Center for the Humanities stands in solidarity with members of our Black community and other communities suffering across the nation. We mourn and condemn the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others. We recognize the injustice of a system of mass incarceration rooted in white supremacy under which Black and Brown women and men, including queer and trans people, are unduly subject to violence. We rededicate ourselves at this time to calling out and taking action to oppose white supremacy and the powerful systems of racial injustice that remain at work in the United States, including in institutions of higher education. We will use our platform, programming, and voices to bring the tools of the humanities to work against racism and for social justice.

To start, we offer the following list of resources for work against anti-Black racism. While not definitive, it is our hope that this list provides articles, books, podcasts, films, and other media that will be stepping stones towards a wider conversation.

Anti-Racism Resources

In solidarity,

The Dresher Center for the Humanities