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2021-2022 Inclusion Imperative Visiting Faculty Fellows

Announcing next year's Fellows

June 8, 2021 10:34 AM

Please welcome our 2021-2022 
Inclusion Imperative Visiting Faculty Fellows!

La Marr Jurelle Bruce, Associate Professor, American Studies, University of Maryland

Project: "The Afromantic"

Fall 2021

Mark Villegas, Assistant Professor, American Studies, Franklin and Marshall College 

Project: "Geek Hop: Discipline, Science, and Orientalism in Hip Hop Culture"

Fall 2021

Morgan Smalls, Assistant Professor, School of Media Arts and Design, James Madison University 

Project: Exploring HBO's Insecure and Black Women in media. 

Spring 2022

Vanessa Wills, Assistant Professor, Philosophy, George Washington University 

Project: "Black Woman Marxists on Race, Gender, and Class" 

Spring 2022

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