Lecturer/Adjunct Fellows

Summer 2022 Lecturer Fellow

A white woman with short dark hair is standing outside in front of trees. She is wearing a red top and red lipstick. She is wearing a white-beaded necklace with a matching pair of earrings.

Molly Jones-Lewis
Senior Lecturer, Ancient Studies
Summer 2022 Lecturer Fellow

Project: “The Doctor in Roman Law and Society”

“The Doctor in Roman Law and Society” introduces the reader to the various policies, laws, and strategies regulating medical practice in the Roman world, from about 27 BCE to Galen’s death in 216/7 CE. Some discussions will range earlier – the Lex Aquilia dates to the 3rd century CE, and the disastrously formative practice of Archagathos of Lakedaimonia in Rome began in 219 BCE – but the core of the book remains tied to the first two centuries CE. It will be the first standalone re-consideration of Roman medical law since Karl H. Below’s 1953 Arzt in Römischen Recht.