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1999-2007 Humanities Forum

Humanities Forums 1999-2007




INGRID DE KOK: Verbs that move mountains: Poetry in a Time of Change: A Reading of New and Selected poems

CAROLE LEVIN: Webb Lecture: Princess Elizabeth Travels Across her Kingdom in Life, in Text, and on Stage

CAROL MATTUSCH: Ancient Studies Week Lecture: Decoding the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum

CHARLES NICHOLAS: Who Wrote This Document?

MANNING MARABLE: The W.E.B. DuBois Lecture: Relevance of DuBois for 21st Century Black America

NAOMI WOLF: The Changemakers: Ethical Leadership & Real Power

THOMAS T. FIELD: A Corpus Approach to Literacy and Language Variation in the Past

KATHERINE A. SCHWAB: The Parthenon East Metopes: Technologies of the 21st Century and New Discoveries

DAPHNE HARRISON, JANICE JACKSON, and EMMETT G. PRICE, III: The Daphne Harrison Lecture Spirituality in African American Music

LAURA F. EDWARDS: August Low Annual Lecture Status Without Rights: African Americans and the Tangled History of Law and Governance in the Nineteenth-Century South





HORACE NEWCOMB: Studying Television in the Post-Network Era: Responses to a Changing Media Industry

TYLER HICKS: Histories are Mirrors

ANNE RUBIN: A Shattered Nation: the Rise and Fall of the Confederacy

LYNN CAZABON: Marseille/Baltimore: Technology and the Image of Self

JOHN M. BARRY: A Writer’s Thoughts on Logic, Nature, People, and Science

EDWARD P. JONES: A Reading of Published and Unpublished Works






KATHRYN BROWN: A Biography of No Place:
Ukraine and the Making of Nation-Space

Pathways to the Imagination

AZAR NAFISI: Reading Lolita in Tehran

JONATHAN TUCK: Sons of Homer:
The Genealogy of the Epic Poem

WALTER MOSLEY: The Daphne Harrison Lecture
What’s Next?

MORTIMER SELLERS: America: the New Rome
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NATALIE JEREMIJENKO: New Technology, Design and Activism in Times of War

SABINE HAKE: Film, Advertising, and the Avant-Garde

JEREMIAH B. AXELROD: Cultural Representation, Traffic, and Urban Modernity in Jazz Age America

WILLIAM NOEL: Eureka? The Archimedes Palimpsest

GLADYS-MARIE FRY: From the African Loom to the American Quilt





BARBARA STOWASSER: Islam and Modernity: Radical versus Reformist Islam

DOROTHY KO: Chinese Footbinding, Fashion, and Modernity

BENJAMIN BARBER: What the Future Holds: Jihad, McWorld, or Global Democracy?

KAREN ARMSTRONG: The Battle for God

DAVID DRISKELL: Black Visual Theorists: a Spiritual Rendering





PAULINA BORSOOK: Prophylaxis Against the Software Way of Knowledge

NICHOLSON BAKER: Reading the Paper: Newsprint and Modern Memory

JOHN WATERS: An Evening with John Waters

BERNICE JOHNSON REAGON: The Healing Properties of the Blues





DEREK BICKERTON: How Syntax Made Us Human

MARYSE CONDÉ: A Caribbean Writer: the Journey Home

ARTURO MADRID: Diversity and its Discontents: a Re-Examination

MANIL SURI: Balancing Mythology with Mathematics: a Reading from The Death of Vishnus






ABENA BUSIA: Resistance, Rebellions, Revelations: Black Women’s Poetry as Redemptive History

JOHANNA DRUCKER: Next Works and Words

WILLIAM FERRIS: The State of the National Endowment for the Humanities

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Forrest Gander
Derrick Gilbert
Ray Gonzalez
Michael S. Harper
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