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HTLabs: Digital Storytelling

Cultivating Partnerships through Digital Storytelling



Date & Time

December 3, 2021, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


How can digital storytelling open up collaborative opportunities and create new spaces of belonging and connection? In this HTLab, Jamie Gillan, Sarah Jewett, Charlotte Keniston, and Bill Shewbridge alongside student participants, will explore this question by sharing the beliefs and practices that underscore their digital storytelling collaborations across disciplines and institutions. Drawing on their experiences in the Transfer Equity Initiative, Digital Storytelling Internship, and Peaceworker Program, these facilitators bring expertise in utilizing digital storytelling in the classroom, in partnerships between higher ed institutions, in community engagement, and as a reflective tool for students. In this workshop, the facilitators will demonstrate how HTLab participants can cultivate their own digital storytelling project ideas for their courses, research, and community work and help them identify potential collaborations beyond their institutions. 

In this lab, participants will:

  • Learn how digital storytelling can enhance academic, social and civic outcomes/connections within a community

  • Leverage networks, collaborations and partnerships to broaden and deepen digital storytelling work

  • Explore how digital storytelling can be used as a tool for critical reflection, knowledge creation, and sharing research within a course or program

  • Design a preliminary action plan for integrating digital storytelling into an education context

Registration is required to attend this HT Lab. Please register by Monday, November 29.

Questions? Contact Lloyd Ekpe, Inclusion Imperative Associate: lekpe1@umbc.edu. If you are unable to attend, but would like to access a recording of the workshop, please contact Lloyd.