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Spring 2013 CURRENTS

“Methodological Approaches and Questions in Place-based Research”
Kate Brown, History and Dresher Center Fellow, and Preminda Jacob, Visual Arts and Dresher Center Fellow

“Electronic Literature and its Emerging Forms”
Dene Grigar, Director of the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver and Curator of the Library of Congress

“Remaking the Malthusian Couple for the Contraceptive Age: Calibrating the Risk of Pregnancy”
Carole McCann, Gender + Women’s Studies

“Being There: The Adventures Most Historians Would Rather Not Admit”
Kate Brown, History and Dresher Center Fellow

“One Baltimore Block from Inside Out”
Amy Zanoni, History MA student

“Trade Networks and Tourist Messiahs”
Pilar K. Rau, Ph.D. candidate in Socio-cultural Anthropology:

Hit and Stay
Joe Tropea,
M.A., UMBC Public History